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Teddy Soccer Sticker Book App is Available NOW!

How to play the Teddy Soccer Sticker Book

8 Steps to hours of endless fun for young children and adults

  • Step 1: Go to the App Store
  • Step 2: Download the Teddy Tennis Sticker Book
  • Step 3: Select a Bear
  • Step 4: Choose A Game
  • Step 5: Choose a location
  • Step 6: Select Your Stickers
  • Step 7: Or Select your stamps or crayons
  • Step 8: Have Hours of Fun

Thousands of kids all over the world love playing Teddy Soccer and now you can introduce your children to the wonderful world of Teddy Soccer bear characters and music with this fun based, interactive App.

The Teddy Soccer Sticker Book will stimulate young minds and encourage them to get active and to play Teddy Soccer like the bears at the Teddy Soccer Academy.

…and for those children who want to make a bit of an impact, there is the Teddy Soccer Stamp game too.