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Where can I play Teddy Soccer?

Currently, Teddy Soccer is only being taught in just a few locations in the UK but we will be marketing worldwide in Spring 2019.

To book lessons please use our booking system on the Find a Class page.

Does Teddy Soccer teach children to play soccer (football) properly?

Absolutely. In fact they could not receive a better start to soccer. Every Teddy Soccer games and activity has been specifically designed to help a young child develop the key fundamental skills of soccer. Graduates of the Teddy Soccer Academy will have developed the highest skill levels, and ones that will set them up to be successful at sport generally for life.

Can a child of 2½ years of age really learn to play soccer?

Yes, children aged 2½ will learn to play soccer correctly through Teddy Soccer; the system works brilliantly and what is more, children love it and will want to play more and more.

Can I set up a Teddy Soccer franchise in my area?

We would be delighted to hear from businesses and individuals who would be interested in setting up a local Teddy Soccer franchise; both here in the UK and overseas.

For more information see our Teddy Soccer Franchise section.

I have heard of Teddy Tennis, is Teddy Soccer related in any way?

Teddy Soccer is very much related to Teddy Tennis, in fact it is a direct copy, the only difference is that we focus on developing the skills to play soccer in Teddy Soccer.

Teddy Tennis has been running for over 10 years now and is available in many different locations world wide: for more information about Teddy Tennis please go to the website

How do children progress in Teddy Soccer?

Teddy Soccer provides progression for children based up on their age, ability and experience. To accommodate this we have a series of Teddy Soccer Teams, each of which has a carefully selected set of lesson plans that include games and activities that right for each age group and skill level. To find out more go the Teddy Soccer Lessons sub-section.